Hot in the city

As Melbourne heats up, it’s a not so gentle reminder that yes, we live in Australia and it can get bloody hot. Weather like this, including the heavy rain and flash flooding predicted for the weekend is testament to the power of our environment.

With the Christmas period fast approaching, most of us are about to spend a lot more time in our homes. For some, this is an absolute luxury, and for others, it is a glaring reminder how much there is to do!

In order to beat the heat, and make your home more eco friendly for years to come add these simple tasks to your to do lists;

Grow plants indoors.

Let’s start with an easy one! Having real life plants in your home, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally beneficial. Indoor plants can help clean air by filtering out common pollutants – forget chemical air fresheners and purifiers.

Rethink your landscaping.

By positioning deciduous plants to shade windows in summer, you can protect your home from direct sunlight, and as the leaves shed in winter, allow sun into your home.

Or if you’re thinking about building or renovating, keep these ideas in mind;

Design for a small footprint.

Build smaller and smarter. By designing a small but functional home, your environmental impact will be less than that of a large home. You will also save on heating and cooling costs in the long run!

Turn your plans upside down.

Homes traditionally position living spaces on the ground floor and bedrooms on upper levels. Whilst many of us can’t even imagine laying out our home any other way, situating bedrooms on the ground floor can mean a better night’s sleep on a hot summers night and light and bright living spaces.

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Hot in the city