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If the thought of trying to find a rental property, gives you anxiety – I hear you! Even working in the real estate industry does not make me immune to the anxiety of the prospect of searching a new place to rent.

Melbourne is incredibly competitive when it comes to the rental market, and if you’re moving over the next three months, I hate to tell you – this is it’s peak. The New Year, new jobs, and the commencement of study semesters are all factors that mean now, more than ever, people in Melbourne are on the move.

If this news is making you pull your hair out – stop, breathe and read.

As our leasing consultant, Cyril will tell you, so much of securing a rental property is about timing. Being at the first available inspection will ultimately put you in the best position to apply early. Most agencies today use online application forms, including 1Form, which allow you to create an account with the majority of your application saved prior to attending the inspection. Once you receive the property inspection code at the open for inspection, you can submit your application; some people actually submit their application even before the open for inspection ends.

Another thing to consider is, how flexible are you? Would you be open to signing leases of varying lengths? A 6, 12 or 24 month lease may be beneficial to different landlords for different reasons. Letting the agent know that you’re open to varying lease lengths may play well in your favour.

The final thing to consider is writing a cover letter for your application – think of it as the icing on the cake. Although it may seem a little cheesy, writing a cover letter with a little bit of information about you as a tenant can get you over the line in a tight race for a property. Include information like aspects of your lifestyle or personality that might make you a good tenant and if you intend to get the property cleaned by a professional cleaner regularly, it’s highly favourable for a landlord to know that your home and their property will be well-kept.

Even with all of this in mind, you never know who you are up against. Don’t be deterred by being turned away – go above and beyond to put your best application forward for each property. With these tips, you might just get your first pick! For all of you who will be moving in 2018 – we wish you the best of luck!

Have a great week,

Emily McDonald | Marketing & Management Assistant



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Where to next?