The week that was

By Tom Bayly | Senior Property Consultant

The week following a long weekend can somewhat be a melancholy affair. With the reality of returning to work after a three day break, the anxiety of having to achieve five days work in only four, and the colder and shorter days as Melbourne slows for Winter’s arrival.

To make matters worse this particular week, we have seen the passing of three of the worlds great contributors:

Hubert de Givenchy, founder of the House of Givenchy, was a true revolutionary, bringing the world of high end fashion to the masses, by being the first to offer a ready to wear collection.

Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist devoted his life to understanding the universe. Despite physically being confined to a chair for most of his time due to motor neuron disease, he inspired others to chase their dreams and to overcome adversity.

Toys’R’us, the instigator to so many of my early childhood memories, has this week advised its US staff that the franchise would be closing its 700 stores. It is a sad thought that even the humble toy shop will vanish as a result of the retail marketplace shifting online.

Amazon is obviously blamed for the companies demise with most mum’s and dad’s now buying toys online.
This concept challenges my thinking, as the whole premise of a toy shop is to visit it, play with a few and take home the one you like the most. So how do you get that same sense of connection and fun if you simply select a toy based on a thumbnail photo and a review online?
If this is true about children and toys, could it be true about adults and houses? Could someone really purchase their next house online? Without seeing how it feels, how it tastes and what noise it makes when you shake it? What about me the real estate agent?

In the words of Stephen Hawking, ‘However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.’ so stay positive, the Easter long weekend is just around the corner!

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