Greens call for cheap solar power for renters

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A five-point plan put up by the Greens for the November state election, would see renters, public housing tenants and apartment owners benefit from cheap solar power.

The Greens’ election promise follows an announcement by Premier Daniel Andrews, whose government will cover part of the cost of adding a medium-sized solar power system to about 650,000 Victorian owner-occupied homes.

It is estimated home owners will save almost $900 in annual electricity bills. They will repay half of the  installation cost to the state government over four years.

Solar power panels on the roof of a Victorian home.Solar power panels on the roof of a Victorian home.

But it leaves renters and people with low incomes out in the cold, according to Greens energy and climate change spokeswoman Ellen Sandell.

Ms Sandell said the Greens’ plan would allow solar power for all Victorians, not just those who could afford to own a house.

The Greens’ five-point plan comprises:

  • Solar gardens for renters and apartment owners, which would allow renters or apartment owners to buy a solar panel on a nearby building, such as a train station, with the energy it creates credited to their bill.

“If they move, they still own the panel and the credit moves with them,” Ms Sandell said. “One-thousand-dollar grants will be made available per renter to help them buy into the solar gardens scheme, matching the subsidy that home owners get through Daniel Andrews’ plan,” she said.

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Greens call for cheap solar power for renters