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Zara has always been a part of the real estate world starting from the young ripe age of 6 weeks old when her mum brought her into the office in her capsule and that is where the journey began.
Not only has she worked in various office roles throughout her career Zara held a corporate role with one of the oldest real estate companies in Australia, where she was responsible for training and educating staff members across a variety of various roles in throughout Victoria and Tasmania.
She loves helping landlords achieve the best possible outcome for their property while enjoying overcoming the challenges that present in the course of delivering amazing results. Zara has an attitude that no problem is too big or too small. Her number one focus ensuring her client’s (both tenants and landlords) needs are meet and always goes above and beyond to ensure that happens.
In her spare time, Zara enjoys spending time with her son watching a game of rugby or tennis or simply just hanging out doing as her son calls it “boys stuff”.

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