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Caine Property Management Services


Our investment property portfolio management philosophy is idiosyncratic. We employ a formula that seeks to maximise value for the property owner and optimize the experience for their tenant.

BP=BT=BR (Best Presentation = Best Tenant = Best Return).

As obvious as it seems,  it is too easily forgotten than no tenant or a bad tenant makes your property not an asset, but a liability.

Aligned to our company's cornerstone beliefs is our conviction that the better you treat your tenants, the better they’re going to treat your property. In simple terms, this encourages your tenants to extend their leases, to pay a premium for superior comfort, amenity and service and reduces the level of capital improvements required for your property through wear and tear.

Caine Property Management has received critical acclaim for its delivery of significantly lower ‘days on vacancy’ than our competitors and comparable marketplaces across Melbourne – producing ratios of 1 day vacant for every 3 days vacant compared with the market averages.

Over two decades of experience managing Melbourne’s finest properties has provided us with the means to develop and deliver a comprehensive full service, end to end property management offering. We handle every aspect of the management of your property, including insurance, owners corporation correspondence and payments, minor and major maintenance items, routine inspections, tenant database and reference checks, rent collection and disbursement, financial year statements, and a full suite of additional utilities.

Our services are customised to your requirements with the fundamental objective of making the process as effortless and care-free as possible for you.

Incorporating a spectrum of innovative real estate technologies, our team stays ahead of the curve at all times. New technologies allow our team to streamline processes, improve performance, and to enhance customer service.

Online booking for property inspections is just one of the many ways that we take the headache out of rental searches for prospective tenants, and provide peace of mind for landlords, knowing that we are maximising the number of potential tenants viewing their properties through flexible appointment times and easy online booking and appointment confirmation.


Caine – your specialist team, your trusted advisors.

To speak with a member of our multi-award winning team, contact us on 03 8413 8000