Property Management Team Leader


Since 2012, Diana has been a driving force in the real estate world, dedicated to helping homeowners optimise their investment properties. Her commitment to fostering enduring relationships between quality tenants and landlords has made her a trusted name in the industry.

As a real estate investor herself, Diana has a unique perspective. She understands the needs, concerns, and aspirations of property owners, and she knows that the key to success is achieving consistent occupancy with reliable and secure tenancies.

Diana's formal qualifications in Psychology have been a cornerstone of her success as a Leasing Manager. She possesses the ability to quickly recognise the objectives and motivations of each party, ensuring mutually beneficial results.

Holding a Certificate IV in Building and Construction, Diana combines her understanding of people with an exceptional eye for architectural and design features. Whether it's a modern gem or a period classic, Diana knows what will appeal to the target market.

As an East Melbourne local, Diana is not just a Leasing Manager, she is also a keen advocate for the area. She understands and appreciates the ambience and unparalleled convenience it offers to those working in the city and beyond.

Diana's dedication to her clients, combined with her unique qualifications and passion for her community, makes her a top choice for homeowners and investors in the East Melbourne area. Whether you're looking to maximise your investment returns, find the perfect tenant, or discover the ideal property to call home, Diana is your go-to leasing professional.

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