May believes that relationships are the most valuable and rewarding assets in life. Buying and selling property involves both practical and emotional considerations, May brings a unique perspective to the real estate landscape. Her extensive experience as a selling agent, investment strategist, project marketing sales, and buyer advocate gives her a comprehensive understanding of the Melbourne property market. Her personal experience as an investor and property owner also helps add a personal touch to her professional insights.

May specialises in expanding clients' property reach to local and international markets, May is also known for her expertise in 'off-market' transactions, making her a highly sought-after choice for discreet and seamless selling experiences. May's clientele spans both local residents and overseas buyers, showcasing her ability to cater to diverse needs.

May finds the greatest fulfillment in helping clients transition to the next chapter of their lives and building financial freedom through investing in the right properties. She accomplishes this by dedicating genuine attention to their unique needs, understanding their situations, and delivering a high level of professionalism to ensure the perfect match between individuals and their ideal properties. With May, clients can be confident that their real estate goals are in the hands of a seasoned and trustworthy professional.

Beyond her professional endeavors, May has embraced city life with zeal following a lifestyle transition. She finds joy in leisurely walks with her companion, Coco, in the botanical gardens, indulging in art exhibitions, and relishing musical shows—embracing the vibrant offerings of Melbourne, widely recognized as the most livable city. Her new focus on health and well-being is reflected in her hobbies including orchid growing, reform pilates, and participating in 10k marathons.



May专注于将客戶的地产拓展至本地和海外市场. 她擅长Off Market交易连接谨慎经验卖家和时间有限的买家, 和推荐CBD周边适合自主和投资的高品质的公寓.

May的成就感来源于帮助客戶过渡到人生的下一个篇章, 和通过投资合适的房产建立财务自由. 她真正关注客户的独特需求, 量身定制推适合他们的生活方式与理想房产之间的完美匹配. 和May工作客戶可以确信他们的房地产目标掌握在经验丰富且值得信赖的专业人士手中。

May从海滨乡村生活过渡到城市生活特别是East Melbourne 和St Kilda Road, 她喜欢墨尔本的咖啡和多元文化, 在植物园和她的狗狗悠闲散步,欣赏艺术展览和音乐表演, 享受着墨尔本这座被公认为最宜居充满活力的城市. 她对健康的新关注体现在她的新爱好上,包括素食,瑜伽,普拉提和参加跑步和游泳。


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